Drowing inside!!

I know you can’t hear me ,i know i am far away from the real world but if you ask me what’s pushing me down is the thoughts i have of a real world!!
I m drowing from inside and you can’t even hear me screaming.

Its hard to pretend a smily face even though i am going through changes…
Even i can see through the cheery faces..

I had it for so long and now i can’t keep it further….
If you see me smile leave me alone!!
I tried i tried and i tried for that momment of my life….and i still try if i can reach to my dreamy sky🐾☁
It will be a lie if i still say i don’t cry but i became stronger because i walk by the dark sky!!:)

NOW, your words can’t harm me remmember it ,it will save your time!!
Leave me alone i am doing just fine^o^
Don’t try to give me a hand while i am drowing i can stand up by my side…
I know it from first that i am the only who can save me from dying!!

You can scream for the peace of mind but it will not help you rise…~_~
Get up!! Because its the time.
Don’t let your inferior thoughts wrap your mind
Be the one who can save your life!!🎈

-aadya yadav♡


की आंखें बंद करूं तो चेहरा सिर्फ उसका नजर आता है
गम में या दुख में सिर्फ वही क्यों याद आता है
दिल मेरा अब इतने सवाल यूंँ उठाता है
क्या प्यार में कोई इतना सैरात हो जाता है
की इंसान को इंसान की फितरत बदलने का फर्क समझ नहीं आता है।।♡

The chaotic you!! ~♪♡

(read caption)❤🌼👇

Screaming from top of my laungs nothing goes right..
The thing came to my mind that people should decide?

But this life is mine and can’t hold back anymore…my dreams calling my heart beating fast…and i can’t resist to it..
But am i chaotic??
Will my dreams come true!!
What should i do..
Always confused like this, don’t know how to decide…??

Let me be free from atleast my mind…i can’t hold it back!
It’s a tunnel of dark inside..
Making my own thought putting on others…but this is not right!
My mind is racing towards the shine but something holding me back from inside…
Why i am living with my chaotic mind!?

Can’t i just pretend a simple life!♡
My dream should be true…my goals should be done…but why i am hiding my ethical rights..
In my mind everything goes undecide…
When i close my eyes i am just falling from behind….can’t lock up the time its too dark inside….ohh!!~my chaotic mind:(

Loudness of chaotic mind
push me to sit alone even
in crowd of my dear ones
and their noises in ear
continuously; make me sick
Then i madly searching
for my sword to fight with
Mine darker side
Now who will decide??
Do be there or just flutter!!♡

कभी अपनी नापसंद को अपनी पसंद बना कर देखो
कभी बारिश की बूंदों को अपने चेहरे में महसूस कर के देखो
कभी फूल की खुशबू से मन को महका के देखो
कभी-कभी ठंडी हवाओं में बालों को लहरा कर देखो
कभी किसी पराए को गले लगा कर देखो
कभी-कभी दूसरों की परवाह ना कर खुल कर मुस्कुरा कर देखो
कभी खुद के लिए समय निकाल कर देखो
कभी जिंदगी अपने हिसाब से जी कर देखो
कभी अपनी नापसंद को अपनी पसंद बना कर देखो♡


उनका दसतूर एक नूर है,
मानो कितनों के दिल का फितूर है
कमबख्त दिल ये मेरा मजबूर है
की उनकी एक नजर का ये कुसूर है
कातिल कर दिया उन्होंने एक ही ईसारे से
कि अब मेरा मन कहे मेरी जन्नत और यही मेरा सुकून है।।♡♡

Having you is soothing!!♡

Being yours is all i want!♡
I know we are falling apart but i still want you hold on me…as you do it so far!!
Having you is a dream and loosing you is a sleepless night.
We are not perfect nor anyone for each other but if i could wish for one thing…i will wish for us until the day come!!♡
Its soothing to have a shoulder to cry on,its soothing when i  feel your breath,its soothing when you are all mine♡
I know i can’t hold you forever but i still want to try…i know i have issues but i still want you to stay..
People around me are best but you are different from the rest…♡
That’s why  i wanna hold on you tight until the day come!!
When you are with me this world seems so much familiar..
I feel free and fearless that what i wanna feel the rest of my life..♡
I know you will stay beside me…
Maybe we have differences but my love for you will never change!
I still wanna share all my up and downs to you…i still wanna cry on your shoulder….i just want us to be stronger for ourself…
I only wanna fall for you everytime…i don’t know its right or wrong…but i know i want you for the rest of my life♡
I feel my breath more peaceful when you are with me!!
I am not feeling myself anymore ..
I am just a person with tiny emotions…i wanna grow old with you…SO,
Just say you won’t let go!
I swear is true!!
Because a boy like you is its impposible to find..

प्यार !❤

उसे प्यार कैसे नाह करू में… मुझे कोई एक वजह तोह देदो…?
मुझे सर्द में गरम महसूस वो कराता है।
रासते में चलते समय मुझे महफूझ महसूस वो कराता है।
मेरे अच्छे बुरे का ध्यान वो रखता है।
मेरी पसन्द न पसन्द को वो पहचानता है।
तो ऐसे कैसे प्यार न करू उससे ,
जो मुझे मुझसे भी अच्छे से जानता है।


Floating words♡

Days passing by and i am still waiting for my day to come..
Its not about the pain inside me,its not about the happiness but its about who i am!!
Let us ask a question to ourself…WHO ARE YOU??
Are you really wanted to that what you are doing now?…well some of us can say yes..
But i am talking about the ones who are confused…
Do you!?
Take a deep breath now think…
What you can do best for yourself and build up the new you…=)
Well,i think we all can!!
In my minds my words are floating ….I am like this lil girl confused ,broke and empty..
I m finding myself…years are passing and that one thought never crossed my mind!:O
Well the best thing to start from, is to start from nothing..
Find yourself from the core!
I never knew that i can write about things which are floating in my minds fighting for themselves to come first.
The words!!
They are mean so much to me..they can broke you,they can make you…they are like this magic words…ones you speak its like ..woosh!✨
Either you make other happy or hapless…that’s how my floating words are …they can make me break me….but i know how to take control in them.🎈
Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.” “It’s not that you should never love something so much that it can control you. It’s that you need to love something that much so you can never be controlled.
Now,i am sitting on chair thinking about my future 4 years!!
And i think you should too!🌼